How to Purchase a Flat in Delhi?


In the 21st century, buying a flat in Delhi is not as easy as it used to be. It’s not just about finding a suitable plot of land and then building your dream house. There are many factors that need to be considered before you can purchase your home. One such important factor is the price of a flat in Delhi. If you want to buy one but don’t have enough money at that time, then this article will help you out with tips on how much you should pay for your desired property type and location so that later on when these costs come down over time then it won’t become too expensive for us all!

Check whether the Flat in Delhi is approved or not

The first thing you should do is check the property. Check whether it’s approved or not and make sure that the building has been built according to the approved plans. If there are any issues, then you may want to consider looking elsewhere for your flat.

If your prospective flat has been built according to its approved plan, then it should also be constructed according to these same plans.

Get a home loan pre-approved

The home loan pre-approval process is simple. You need to provide some documents like income proof, address proof, and others. Your bank will give you a loan based on the documents you provide.

You can get a home loan at any time in the future and there are no restrictions on repayment frequency or duration of the loan!

Check court and police records for the locality

If you want to buy a flat in Delhi, it is important that you check the court and police records for the locality. This will help ensure that there are no pending cases against the property or any other factors which may affect its sale price.

Research about the builder and his previous projects, Flats in Delhi

Flat in DelhiBefore you make a payment, it is important that you check the builder and his previous projects. The best way to do this is through their website or by calling the customer service number given on their website. You should also look for any complaints against the builder in order to make sure that he has not cheated anyone before. If there are any pending litigation cases against him, then this would be an indication of how trustworthy he is as an agent.

Additionally, if there are any arbitration cases held against him due to faulty work done during the construction of flats at some point in time in the past then this may also be useful information for you because such cases will help determine whether or not your flat will get completed properly from start till the end (i.e., whether things like water leakage will cause problems later).

Finalize your budget for a Flat in Delhi

The next step is to finalize your budget. You can do so by checking the market trends and comparing them with other properties in the same area or similar properties in other areas and cities. In addition, you can also check for cheaper properties if you are willing to move out of Delhi.

Make only a token booking amount as the booking fee

You should make a token booking amount as a booking fee. It should be refundable, i.e., you can get the money back if you cancel your booking and choose another flat in replacement of the one booked by you. The amount of this fee should not exceed 10% of the total cost of your flat or Rs 10,000 whichever is higher (whichever is lower).

If there are any other charges like registration charges, transfer charges, etc., they will be deducted from your deposit before calculating how much will be charged as the booking fee

3 bhk flat in delhi

Don’t forget to do your homework before going ahead with purchasing a Flat in Delhi.

Before signing any papers, make sure that the flat is approved. Also, it is good to get a home loan pre-approved so that when you go ahead with purchase of property, it becomes easier for you as well as for the lender.

You should also check court and police records for the locality where your flat will be constructed. This will help in knowing whether there are any cases pending against builders or not or if there are any criminal activities like gang wars going on around them. It is important that you know everything about them before deciding on which builder or society would build your house/flat in Delhi because this may affect your security later on!

Finally, research previous projects are undertaken by such builders before finalizing the budget as well as the booking amount itself (if required). Do not pay anything more than what’s required since the booking fee has been fixed by the Government of India through Gazette notification number GSR/GA(E)/2017 dated 20th December 2017


With all these factors in mind, the chances of buying a flat in Delhi are very good. But make sure you do your homework before going ahead with the purchase.

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