The Role of Vastu in Bedroom Design, 7 Ideas: A Comprehensive Guide


In this blog post, we will explore the role of Vastu in bedroom design and discover how it can positively impact your health and relationships.

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where we rejuvenate and connect with our loved ones. In Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, the design and arrangement of the bedroom play a crucial role in promoting physical and emotional well-being. By incorporating Vastu principles into your bedroom design, you can create a harmonious and conducive environment for rest, relaxation, and nurturing relationships.

The Role of Vastu in Bedroom Design: Enhancing Health and Relationships
The Role of Vastu in Bedroom Design: Enhancing Health and Relationships

Role of Vastu in Bedroom Design:

  1. Optimal Bedroom Placement:

According to Vastu, the ideal location for the master bedroom is in the southwest direction of the house. This placement ensures stability, promotes restful sleep, and fosters a sense of security. If possible, avoid placing the bedroom in the northeast corner, as it may disrupt the positive energy flow and affect health and relationships. M-Sanvi Real Estate can guide you in designing your home as per vastu with ample storage solutions to help you keep your space organized and clutter-free.

  1. Bed Placement and Orientation:

The placement and orientation of the bed are crucial for promoting harmony and well-being. Position the bed in a way that the headboard faces the south or east direction. This alignment is believed to enhance sleep quality, promote good health, and strengthen relationships. Avoid placing the bed under a beam or against a shared wall with a bathroom, as it may create energy imbalances.

  1. Colors and Décor:

Colors have a significant impact on our mood and energy levels. In Vastu, selecting the right colors for the bedroom is essential. opt for soothing and calming shades such as pastels, earth tones, or shades of blue, which promote relaxation and tranquility. Avoid using bright or vibrant colors that can create an overly stimulating environment. M-Sanvi Real Estate can recommend professional painters or provide advice on color schemes for your Bedroom Design.

  1. Proper Ventilation and Lighting:

A well-ventilated and well-lit bedroom contributes to a healthy and vibrant atmosphere. Ensure that your bedroom has ample windows for natural light and fresh air circulation. Natural light uplifts the mood and provides essential vitamin D, while proper ventilation helps remove stagnant energy and promotes a clean environment.

  1. Declutter and Organize:

Clutter in the bedroom can disrupt the flow of positive energy and create a sense of chaos. Maintain a clutter-free space by organizing belongings and keeping surfaces clear. This promotes a calm and peaceful environment that supports relaxation and intimacy. M-Sanvi Real Estate can recommend local stores or online platforms where you can find budget-friendly home décor items.

  1. Mirrors Placement:

Vastu advises against placing mirrors in the bedroom, especially facing the bed. Mirrors are believed to reflect and multiply energy, which can be disruptive during sleep and intimacy. If you have mirrors in the bedroom, ensure they are not directly facing the bed or are covered during bedtime.

  1. Electronics and Gadgets:

Electronic devices emit electromagnetic waves that can interfere with sleep patterns and disrupt the overall energy balance in the bedroom. Limit the presence of electronic gadgets in the bedroom or keep them at a considerable distance from the bed. Create a technology-free zone that encourages quality rest and undisturbed personal connections.


Designing your bedroom in accordance with Vastu principles can significantly impact your health and relationships. By considering factors such as bedroom placement, bed orientation, color choices, proper ventilation, decluttering, and minimizing electronic devices, you can create a harmonious and supportive environment. A Vastu-compliant bedroom promotes restful sleep, emotional well-being, and nurturing relationships, allowing you to experience a sense of balance and happiness. Embrace the wisdom of Vastu Shastra and transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary that enhances your overall quality of life.

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