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Stamp Duty on home purchase in Delhi


Stamp duty is a tax collected by the government on legal documents that are used for buying or selling property. It is also known as transfer duty and it is an important part of buying a home. Stamp duty has been imposed in various countries around the world, but India was one of the first countries to impose this kind of tax on legal documents.

Stamp duty Tax Collection:

Stamp Duty on home purchaseStamp duty is a tax collected by the government on legal documents. Stamp duty is not a tax on the purchase price of the property, but rather it’s levied on the value of your home.

When you buy a house in Delhi, stamp duty will be charged based on how much money you need to pay it. If this amount exceeds Rs 10 lakh (Rs 1 million), then there will be no additional charge for buyers below this threshold as well as those who have already paid up their share of stamp duty requirements in previous years (FY18).

Ways to calculate stamp duty on Home purchases:

Ways to calculate stamp duty on Home purchasesThere are various ways to calculate stamp duty. One way is to calculate the stamp duty on the total value of the property, excluding any land value that may be included in your transaction. This can be done by adding up all costs related to your home purchase, including legal fees and inspections that you may have had at some point during the process. Then divide this number by 100 and multiply by 1%.

Another method involves calculating stamp duty only after subtracting out any amounts already paid on other transactions such as mortgages or rent payments made before you bought your new home.

Variation of Stamp Duty from state to state.

Stamp duty is a tax collected by the government on legal documents. The stamp duty varies from state to state, but it can be anywhere between 0% and 6%. This means that if you are buying a house worth Rs 1 crore in Delhi, then there will be no additional cost for you as per the current rates of stamp duty. However, if you have a different occupation or profession than most people who buy homes in Delhi (such as being an architect), then your purchase may attract higher rates of stamp duty depending on what kind of property was bought and where it’s located!

Factors affecting Stamp Duty on Home purchases:.

If you are a doctor or a lawyer, you will have to pay less stamp duty. This is because the government considers these occupations as being more important than others and therefore requires lower taxes on them.

If you are an engineer or technician, your stamp duty will be higher than if you were working in different fields such as education or business management. Your occupation also affects how much money is required for the purchase of property in Delhi by virtue of its importance within society (for example engineers don’t just make machines; they also build bridges that connect two cities together).

If someone has been employed by an organization where he/she works full-time for five years straight then his/her salary will count towards calculating his/her annual income which determines how much he/she needs every year before tax deductions from salary can begin being taken off him/her account each month during tax season (usually between April 1st until June 15th).


Stamp duty is a tax paid on legal documents, such as deeds and contracts. There are many different types of stamp duties depending on the document being bought and where you live, but all of them have one thing in common: they are not cheap! This article will explain what it costs and how to calculate your own amount before buying property in Delhi.
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