10 Vastu Tips When Buying Your Dream House: Power of Positive Energy


Buying a house is a significant milestone in one’s life. It’s not just a financial investment but also a place where we create memories and seek comfort. In Indian culture, Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in creating harmonious living spaces. By incorporating Vastu principles into your house search, you can enhance the positive energy flow and promote overall well-being.

In this blog post, we will explore essential Vastu tips to consider when buying your dream house, ensuring a balanced and prosperous living environment.

10 Vastu Tips When Buying Your Dream House: Power of Positive Energy
10 Vastu Tips When Buying Your Dream House: Power of Positive Energy

Location and Orientation:

When selecting a house, pay attention to its location and orientation. According to Vastu, an east-facing entrance is considered auspicious as it welcomes the morning sun and positive energy. Avoid houses with irregular shapes or irregularly shaped plots, as they may disrupt the energy flow.

Entrance and Main Door:

The main entrance is crucial as it allows energy to flow into the house. Look for houses with a well-lit and inviting entrance. Ensure that the main door is in good condition, opens smoothly, and is proportionate to the size of the house. Avoid houses with main doors facing south, as it is believed to bring financial instability.

Bedroom Placement:

The placement of bedrooms in a house significantly affects the occupants’ well-being. Choose a house where the master bedroom is located in the southwest direction for stability and good health. Bedrooms in the northeast direction are considered ideal for children. Avoid bedrooms in the southwest corner, as it may lead to health and relationship issues.

Kitchen Design:

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and its design should promote positivity and nourishment. Look for houses where the kitchen is placed in the southeast or northwest direction. Ensure that the stove is positioned in the southeast corner and that the kitchen is well-ventilated. Avoid kitchens located in the northeast corner, as it may affect financial stability.

Natural Light and Ventilation:

A house with ample natural light and proper ventilation creates a positive atmosphere. Seek houses with well-placed windows that allow the entry of sunlight and fresh air. Adequate natural light promotes a healthy living environment and uplifts the mood of the occupants.

Balancing the Elements:

Vastu emphasizes the balance of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space. Look for houses with a harmonious distribution of these elements. For example, ensure that the center of the house is open and clutter-free, allowing positive energy to flow. Avoid houses with missing corners or irregular shapes, as they may disrupt the balance of elements.

Surroundings and Neighborhood:

Consider the surroundings and neighborhood when buying a house. Choose a location that is peaceful, clean, and has a positive aura. Avoid houses near graveyards, hospitals, or places with negative energy sources.

Avoid Clutter:

Avoid houses with excessive clutter or irregular shapes. Cluttered spaces can hinder the flow of positive energy, while irregular shapes can create disharmony.

Balcony and Garden:

Having a balcony or garden area is highly beneficial as it allows for the connection with nature. A well-maintained garden or balcony in the northeast or east direction is considered favorable.

Water Elements:

Water is associated with wealth and abundance in Vastu. Look for houses with a water source or water elements like a fountain or aquarium placed in the north or northeast direction.

Structural Integrity:

Ensure that the house is structurally sound and in good condition. Avoid properties with visible cracks, leaks, or other structural issues, as they can impact the overall energy of the house.

Electromagnetic Fields:

Take note of any high-voltage power lines or electrical substations near the property. It is advisable to avoid houses in close proximity to such sources, as they may emit electromagnetic fields that can affect health and well-being.

Seek Expert Advice:

Consult a Vastu expert for personalized guidance and recommendations based on your specific requirements and the house’s layout.


When buying your dream house, incorporating Vastu principles can help create a harmonious and prosperous living environment. By considering factors such as location, entrance, bedroom placement, kitchen design, natural light, and elements balance, you can ensure positive energy flow and well-being in your new home. Keep in mind that while Vastu can provide guidance, personal preferences and practical considerations should also be taken into account. Embrace the wisdom of Vastu Shastra and embark on a journey to find your ideal home that resonates with positive energy and fosters a fulfilling lifestyle.

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